Be seduced by fame and fortune should accept female boss unspoken rules

USDTHear my unit all the time the affection of that head female boss and her husband looks very insipid from the surface, should be very bad all sorts of hearsay actually, from several times I work overtime the lamplight that sees her office late into the night still did not put out can prove, what their husband and wife concern did not say really is so good. At first, I always thought that when the leader to deal with more things will be too late to deal with that day, it is normal to stay at work late at night. However, work overtime every time to see leadership office lamplight grows bright, feel a bit abnormal, as a middle-aged woman, the home should have run the housework that does not finish, impossible be like her so detached even can Pepsi ignore. I am a college student into unit soon, don’t know of the complexity of the unit in a lot of things, and, as a newcomer, be old colleague strangers and were forced to need to work overtime every day also is very helpless thing, just because I need to work overtime every day and have no time to accompany his girlfriend to fall in love, has been in love with me one year cohabitation married a year and already had the plan’s girlfriend, finally chose to break up with me. Girlfriend lily, it should be said is really a good girl, she was the jiaojiao female, father high rank, mother business, GuJing good to let a person hard to imagine, and I was just an ordinary high school teachers of children, therefore, from the start, lily’s parents don’t agree we fall in love, they want her to marry a higher position in the leadership of children, at least to marry a child more wealthy boss. I understood her parents’ feelings, especially given their family background, and it was natuTRXral to find a match, but lily would not listen to them and was determined to follow me. At that time, lily loved me very much, did not mind my birth and rags to riches poor, just insisted on talking to me. Because just shortly into the unit, and met lily’s parents sent her to study abroad, at the beginning of the lily to go abroad, lily’s mom ever talk to me a words, want to marry lily on the 50 conditions must be met, for example, must want to have the marriage room of 150 square meters, must want to buy a car of 300000 yuan of above, must want to have a decent big diamond ring, I have a look at these conditions I is a lifetime is difficult to achieve, was eventually lily parents forced to may not be offered to break up. It is brokenhearted empty window period, just entered the unit before long rookie, it is the period that is depressed that is forced to work overtime by colleague bully, and that time, should say I always can leave the unit relatively late, of course, it is besides that love unit such as the female boss of the family. Time grew, female boss also can come to the office that I work overtime to see sometimes, or it is to understand the special and detailed and specific circumstance in a few units, or it is dinner party comes back thirsty let me send a glass of water to go in, or it is night belly hungry let me accompany her to eat late snack together, or it is to let me help her buy some kind of daily necessities, wait a moment. In a word, gradually we became more familiar with each other, and gradually we began to talk about everything, except the very private things in her family, she would tell me everything else. I know her daughter has gone to the university, the husband spent all day outside dOKBo not know to go home, therefore, the home is often her one person alone empty room, her feelings are very lonely, her life is empty, not to go home to her too big difference. And I also happened to be the emotional window, also very empty lonely, two people, it is easy to hit it off. Once, she drank a little too much in the social intercourse outside, let me take a taxi to pick her up, I helped her into the car, asked her to go home or to the unit, she gave me the car keys, let me take her to the unit. That night, I had my first time with her. To tell you the truth, the first time she really took more care of me than in the past. Only two years after I joined the company, I was promoted to the deputy director of the department, and those who often lost their jobs let me work overtime were dumbfounded. At first, my relationship with her is only to vent their original desire, to solve the physical needs of each other, so every time after sex and rain, I will sleep soundly, so, I often comfort her emptiness in bed, vent her loneliness, out of bed, she is my leader, will help me start my career. My girlfriend, who has been studying in the United States, once called me secretly and asked me if I would like to study in the United States or accompany her to study. She said she could help me contact the American school, which, of course, was all hidden from her parents. And I have the help of female boss on career at this time, everything feels downwind smooth, age already became the backup cadre in the unit gently. What’s more, in female boss there still can get the sweet head of men’s love, go abroad with cummer confluence to say to me already did not have what attraction, accordingly, I did not accept girlfriend’s thaNEOt kind of invitation. I know I can’t get the female boss, let alone their together, with female boss is always her strong leading to no dignity, she likes to dominate everything, even the matter of the brother’s bed, she also want to, but she can always make me reached a height of pleasure, but in her arms I can always feel a deep affection, I can’t keep so long time sex relations with her. Recently, female boss said he would recommend me to a higher position, and let me have a good preparation, of course, I know that as long as there is a female boss recommended even a word, you can determine the fate of the birth is the lowly like me, but I now more and more feel be agitated, the thought of her in my class and to help, I’m very grateful, think of me in this is use her to achieve their higher career, I will feel guilty again, every time I annoyed, I will go to female bosses seek physical comfort, every time after the joy, I will be more to produce the kind of evil feeling betrayed her sooner or later. I felt more and more that I was not a good person, a despicable person who wanted to prove to my girlfriend’s parents that I could succeed, a shameless person who wanted to do whatever it took to get there, and a hateful man I despised myself. Of course, my heart is more clear is that he has no courage to take the initiative to break up with the leadership of the request, for the leadership, I no longer do her lover means the betrayal of her, means that I will lose all the hard-won all splendor, and even because of this was put into the palace, no longer scenery. So, I still can’t uncertain determination, give up not willing to give up already got all? Should I resign or not? Or should I leave the woman I’ve been taMOLking advantage of?


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