Would you hire a “private detective”

徵信社Nowadays, in Beijing, nanjing, chengdu, shenyang and other large and medium-sized cities, “private detectives” exist openly or secretly in people’s lives in the name of “investigation agencies”, and play a variety of roles. Beijing haidian district has a business research center at home and abroad such as copyright, trademark and patent holder, holder of the agent to carry on the preliminary investigation, to assist in law enforcement, law enforcement agencies including the use of investigation “bait”, help the holder as soon as possible, provide a document of title, issue identification, benefit is good. Liaoxi has a professional investigation company, because of its special to spy on the privacy of others for profit was destroyed by the public security jinzhou city. Since its establishment, this research company has received two business deals, both of which are to investigate women who suspect their husbands are having an affair, and to follow, stalk and take photos of the people under investigation. This kind of behavior seriously violates citizens’ right of privacy and portrait. If you need to investigate and collect evidence in your life, would you hire a “private detective”? Loose snow sorts out dare not hire “private detective” sun li (trade union cadre) in real life, although I urgently need investigation, collect evidence, still dare not hire “private detective”, main reason has 3: it is to doubt “private detective” legitimacy. I think the main reason why “private detective” goes to “work” in the name of “investigative agency” nowadays is that he does not have a legal business license. That’s why I’m afraid to hire. The second is to estimate the technicality of “private detective”. Just because “private detective” nowadays is more mysterious, how is the comprehensive quality of its member? What about equipment? Whether have modern detective, snoop means, basically know nothing. If its technical means only stay at the 婦幼徵信社low level of “snooping” in the 1930s and 1940s, such as tracking, stalking and candid photos, it will seriously violate the right of privacy and portrait of citizens. Isn’t that spending money to get into trouble? Third, do not understand the credibility of “private detective”. For example, will the “inspector” get a lot of money at both ends? He even became the object of an “anti-detective”. These misgivings prevented me from dealing with private detectives. Yao junxi (worker) “private detective” has taken advantage of a loophole in the law. Above all, the concerned law of our country is specified in writing: our country has only public security mechanism, procuratorial organ, court, national security mechanism and lawyer to investigate collect evidence inside respective limits, issue legal opinion paper to wait. Second, China’s copyright, trademark and patent rights all have their own special agencies, which are stipulated by the general principles of the civil law. If the author needs to investigate, evidence, then hire a lawyer. I’ll hire private detective cao haijian (lawyer) I’m in favor of hiring private detective. “Civil procedure law” the regulation in our country “general” proof of principle is “who advocate who proof”, but the parties in the face of fake and shoddy products infringe intellectual property rights, the problem such as “an affair” often helpless, helpless, the reason is that the parties may not have time and energy also lack the necessary means to investigate and collect evidence. “Lawyer law” regulation: “lawyer investigates collect evidence to want to agree via concerned unit or individual.” It is virtually impossible for a lawyer to obtain such evidence. It is difficult for a party to collect evidence to support his claim in a lawsuit. These problems can be solved by hiring “private detectives”. Another advantage of entrusting “private detective” for investigation is that it can avoid the possible inconvenience caused by the direct appearance of the client, thus effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the client. Of course, the activities of “private detective” should be subject to the relevant laws and regulations. The ma yingjie (judge) ‘private investigation body’ caters to a social need. First of all, the existence of professional “private detective” can make up for the lack of personal forensic ability. Because, in fierce market competition, the form of dispute is complex and diverse, evidence collection process is no longer just investigation and inquiry, sometimes also need to pay attention to strategy or use professional technical means, which is no longer an individual can complete. Secondly, the existence of “private detective” can free the disputing parties from investigation and evidence collection and reduce the waste of energy. I am doing “private detective” pan boying (old soldier) “private detective” too need in social life, I am in all kinds of helpless circumstance falls, do “private detective”. On the night of August 14, 2000, my nephew was driving normally on the highway when he was hit by an illegal vehicle behind him. As a result, his head was seriously injured and he bled to death. There were three people on the vehicle. They did not call the police or help save the wounded. After the accident, the traffic police brigade of a county public security bureau in hebei province tried to arrest people, but the local police station did not cooperate, so there was no result. More than half a year after the accident, I on the one hand is to please the public security bureau to try to arrest people, on the other hand is to do their best to detective the whereabouts of the perpetrators. I set up an agency. Hire the locals to be my “private investigator.” You can only take one step and see how it works. I hired “private detective” Chen wangui (farmer) my son stole an old pager and was caug合法徵信社ht by the police. The public security bureau decided to put my son through labor for one year. When the news came back, we felt that the public security bureau was overhandling the case and we didn’t know where to start. One day my neighbor told me: you can ask “private detective” to try. Chaoyang city some investigation firm accepted my commission. They searched for the owner, asked witnesses, investigated and collected evidence, and learned about the re-education through labor standard where the crime was committed. The theft was worth 700 to 1,000 yuan. The pager my son stole was assessed at 826 yuan, which is the correct price. But “private detective” verified that they did not “look at the evaluation”, the evidence of violating the evaluation procedure, the stolen pager was damaged in many places, the function was not complete, the owner wanted to sell, asking 300 yuan, 180 yuan to the price did not clincher a deal, after no one asked. The public security bureau’s estimate is not true. My son has no record in school and no misdemeanors of origin. Accordingly I appeal to concerned branch lawfully. After reviewing the evidence provided by the “private detective”, the department reversed the original decision of re-education through labor for one year and restored my son’s personal freedom. Wang hulin (soldier) last year, the parents of a colleague of mine had a dispute with their neighbor over the homestead. During the dispute, the father of the colleague was injured by the other side. This was a very ordinary civil disputes, but law enforcement personnel in the investigation, the witnesses for fear of neighbors, dare not to testify, and my colleague because the job is busy also don’t go back, the issue has been dragged on, in this case, the colleague to find a “firm”, to solve problems quickly. In the future, private detectives are likely to become effective in assisting law enforcement agencies to handle cases in accordancwomanyoung.com.twe with the law.


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