Private detective, wife bridal chamber night embrace best man how to do? detective, wife bridal chamber night embrace best man how to do? Married less than a week, I was anxious to divorce, because my wife in the wedding night will be drunk I kick the bed bottom, holding the handsome best man, I was drunk when hit. My wife and I got to know each other at a friend’s birthday party. At that time, they were surrounded by a group of people drinking. Wife gives my first impression: nuhanzi. My first impression to wife: gentleman man. Because my father died early, so the character is unsociable, about good good wife see admire. And the wife, also grow up in divorced family, the chic of the surface is put on. Maybe two people can relate to each other at some point, so we fall in love very quickly. When talking about marriage, our marriage was hit yuanyang by the mother-in-law stick, the reason is very simple: 1) the mother-in-law thinks the wife is particularly excellent, marry me is qu CAI. 2) my wife is seven hours away, and my mother-in-law doesn’t want to marry her daughter too far. My wife and I had to part for some time because of my mother-in-law’s tough attitude. During that time, my wife and I were very miserable, secretly running between two cities. Love may be the need for excitement, finally, the wife to cut the wrist to do blackmail, mother-in-law allowed such a marriage. At the same time, a great change came over me. I often asked myself: is it really right for me and my wife to be together? To be able to say, from the wedding photos to the preparation between the marriage is a wife in the busy, and I, just think I slept with this woman, I will be for her. My wife was unhappy with my negative mood, but she had fallen out with her family over me, which meant that she had to carry on regardless of基隆徵信社推薦 whether our marriage was happy or not, right or wrong. On my wedding day, I was so drunk that I passed out after a few drinks. Wedding night, I thought the best men will soon leave, but, after I woke up, I found my wife holding the most handsome best man. Wife gives my explanation: she is drunk at that time also, side has a man, she thinks be me, embrace to fall asleep. The wife also said that they were innocent. But I did see them hugging each other naked. The best man is my friend, of course. He and my wife don’t really spend much time together. But how can I guarantee that the beautiful and the talented won’t have a night of passion? At the moment I, to the wife lukewarm not fire, the brain always flash divorce excitement. What am I supposed to do? P.i. : when did you go to bed? When did your wife kick you out of bed? I believe your answer is: you don’t know. You know台北徵信社推薦, when you wake up, all you see is your wife hugging your best man, your best friend. What I want to say is that there is a phenomenon in the wine field called fragmentation. If you can’t remember anything at some point, why not allow it to happen to your wife? What’s more, one only needs to be really drunk, and how to do that kind of thing. Your wife may drink a lot and be outgoing, but that doesn’t make her a casual woman. In fact, your wife’s personality and attitude towards love, you understand better than me, want to ask, in your eyes, your wife is the kind of woman who often hook up with handsome men? Besides, if your wife likes handsome men, how could she have liked you in the first place and turned against your family in order to marry you? Sometimes what you see is the truth. I hope you can believe your wife’s innocence, do not use your wild guess your wife to yo新北徵信社推薦ur deep feeling.


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