I feel guilty about having drunken sex with a colleague

量化交易Company organization goes to yunnan to play two days ago, a boy of branch company pursues me, I say I have boyfriend, he still did not give up, one night he calls their company another female colleague to come in me about, I do not know is him, we come in to drink, the result drinks much with him fit relation. My boyfriend has been on a business trip for more than a month, I will not be with this colleague, but it is very difficult to meet him at work, I still feel sorry for my boyfriend, I am very confused now. Private detective, what do I do? We work in the same place, she’s a clerk, and I only need to be there to see her once. As a result of many understan詐騙ding, I know she is divorced, one year older than me. Finally I got her number, and we added WeChat. I could feel that she meant what she said, and she had told me about her past. And she said I was the only one who had given her the courage to tell her past. I’m glad she said that. But she seems to be in my chat with her time are more busy, later I do not have the courage to talk with her, I think she is some dislike me. April fool’s day I said I like you, she said yes. But later she said happy holidays, I disintegrated. I like her but I don’t know how to tell her, maybe I am afraid of getting hurt, always waiting for a suitable time. But do I have time? I d高頻交易on’t care about her past, just ask us to pursue our future together. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years. Recently, I came on a date with my boyfriend, who became very passionate. After he started kissing me passionately, his hand swam on me and reached out to the center where it shouldn’t be touched. But this is not good, I know, but can not say. Before we will not be like this, together for a long time, maybe the desire is getting stronger and stronger, I am almost like this. He offered to check in today, but I turned him down. In fact, I know that he and I may soon be unable to bear, before due to play, live together, but what did no財富自由t attack. What am I to do if I sleep with him again? I have not worked for two months, and my husband and I often quarrel. My husband gave me a salary once before, but now he only gives me a little. Maybe it’s because I can’t save money. Husband and wife sometimes live for four or five times a month. I don’t know how this could have happened, after being married for just over two years. I asked him if he had cheated on me, and he said no. The husband seems to be an honest man, every night back to play computer games, also do not know to look after the children, sometimes think of this kind of life is enough, want to divorce, but think of the children, and rel套利uctant to give up.


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