Never fall in love with such a girl

嘉義徵信社推薦She’s a bit lazy. She’s not good at housework. She is independent and strong, she would rather endure too much loneliness and pain is not willing to mention to others. But in fact, desire to have a shelter harbor, let her go to rely on. But she won’t admit it. She must determine whether that person can bear all this, bear her sajiao, her unreasonable, her stubborn, her pessimistic, all her character defects and never abandon. Private detective only in this way, she can rest assured, can rest assured to continue to do their own, not afraid of one day will face the loss. If not, then she has to continue to be lonely and lonely. She has no sense of security in love, nor will she give others a sense of security. She did not exude enthusiasm until she was shown affection. Her love is always the best for her, that good she has a standard, your points over the line, she will fall in love with you, but most people left before the line, or beyond the line without waiting for her to see. In fact, she did not want much, she just want a warm home. It meant so much to her, even though what they said was: I don’t need love. When you are nervous about his opposite sex friends, she will tell you that he is just my who who, but at the same time secretly care about your feelings… She just wants someone to prove that he loves her with hard work. She doesn’t ask for results, but only wants you to have the heart. For them, the only thing that can hurt them is their relationship, which, if frustrated, will either destroy them or make them. From then on, I became more indifferent and focused on my career. She broke up completely don’t like any other city in front of the person die to live, she mocked nu, become more cheerful. When he heard a friend say about the topic of, never deliberately evades, her appropriate participation, cool smile, her performance was always doubt depth of the relationship, only those who know behind the plot and the crowd saw her tears behind and hard work. She never cried loudly in front of her lover unless she really broke down. Even when you are in love with her, she will have a wild idea to make themselves sad. If you see her tears, please believe that it is not her seeking sympathy, it is the scene of such a proud woman. She wants to be responsible to you, to her, to her own past and future, but please do not easily give her promises and vows. She is hard to believe. Even though it was hard for her to believe, she still chose to wait. Her wound is strong like wine at the beginning, and will soon become a glass of water, but let the water infiltrate into life and become dribs and DRBS. Won’t please people favor, die to save face, she loves friends more than you. She was the most protective, the least secretive. The most irritable, the most fickle, the most impatient, the most impulsive, the most impatient lonely but like hypocritical let oneself stay alone. Sometimes she is full of sunshine, l台南徵信社推薦augh and talk, lively, lovely and charming. She is very selfish, only willing to share happiness with others, do not want to let others suffer with her… Her family may not be very rich, but she is used to being pampered. She loves a buzz and is always the center of attention at parties, if she wants to. She also enjoys solitude, sitting in a room alone listening to sad music. She would also stay in the room all day in a depressed mood, but the next morning she would get up and take care of everything easily, hurrying out with her overcoat and bag. She used to show in front of people is very strong, a great feminist appearance. She might think, who met really understand she loved her pet her, she must be very quiet, willing to quiet down, don’t bother, don’t make, in time you have to sleep on time, on time to do what all can be at ease with him. She never speaking out of turn love, her love is silent, it is not because she lacked the courage, in her heart there is a fence, that is self-respect. She valued pride above life. If a girl like this tells you that she loves you, it means that your weight in her heart exceeds her self-esteem. You don’t know her, don’t understand her good, don’t love her. She will be in front of the person really love her unload all armor and camouflage, do a happy little woman, she didn’t ask you what to do, not unreasonable to you with her, she has her own life, her space because she also need space to you. She will also fanta高雄徵信社推薦sy, to meet the real him, will quietly endure the point when he was tired of nutrition porridge, and then said, you look so tired this miss mood is good care to reward you. She always sexy naughty in front of you, occasionally sajiao, playing with you strangers ***, in front of your friends always generous decent, smiling snuggle in your side. She won’t let you buy her anything, she’ll say, I’m a big woman, don’t like men to pay for me… But the heart will be for you secretly buy her gift and secretly happy, because women think that is your favorite. What she CARES about is your heart. If you are, she will be. At least you have to show the sincerity, can let her feel. She will often come up with some fresh ideas to adjust the life, her volatile sometimes make you uneasy. Get her, don’t be proud, because no one can eat her. Only understand her, will get her good. She is sometimes slow, in the emotional aspects, private detective but sometimes is very sensitive, because she CARES about. She sometimes thought, when she meets the man in the life, will love how strong, she is eager to that kind of reckless acme, and then enjoy that kind of heart pain in the intense collision. So, don’t love that girl, she is too extreme, too hypocritical, was too careless, too nervous, too hard to serve, too not gentleness. If you don’t have the courage or ability to keep loving her, don’t love her. Because if you leave, her heart will be frozen forever and will never be for anyone.


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