Pregnant sisters home to seize the position by the wife beat abortion

與盈幣寶事業結合有哪些好處呢?Pregnant sisters take the position at the door by the wife dozen abortion! I am really a lawsuit recently, business is not going well, repeatedly defeated, lost a lot of money, very depressed. In the backyard fire, my wife and I make contradictions, abandon me all day outside busy to death, but not money shadow. I this person all along is not to like to quarrel with the woman, dare not begin to beat a woman even more, I have no this hobby, my this wife is not the lamp that saves oil! These a few days since, wife and sister stem up again, return the belly of the sister damaged. This not yesterday the husband of the sister begins to come to ask money again, say our home must take 100 thousand yuan as compensation, compensate that the child that is beaten aborted by my wife. Oh, what does it call! Originally the money is not enough to spend, but now people are forced to this state, how to live ah! Every day I live in fear that something might go wrong. That 盈幣寶獲利見證is aborted in the abdomen foetus, be not sister husband actually, it is my child. At that time, I was still hesitating about whether to have the child or not. After all, I was a married man who had let another woman conceive a child. This is what I am worried about. If it is exposed, the consequences will be terrible! My wife’s sister and I know first, and now the wife know later, only in the marriage before, I and sisters had a physical relationship, this wife did not know. After marriage, the wife gave birth to a daughter for me, the daughter is very cute and lovely, but I always want a son, the wife can not bear children. When my parents learned that I had given birth to a daughter, they were not very happy. According to the calculation of time, the child in the belly of the sisters is mine, which is not wrong, and I think the sisters know it. One day, my sister came to me with a big belly and asked me to go shopping with her. She also said that the ch盈幣寶事業結合-項目說明ild was my kind and I could not refuse her. Of course, since the sisters said so, I can not agree! Had to accompany her to go shopping, shopping for more than two hours, almost exhausted me, really hard to imagine the sisters with a big belly, is how to adhere to down, so tired, I a big man are tired, she was also very relaxed. When I walked downstairs with her, just met my wife. When my wife saw me, she jumped on me and started tearing at my clothes, asking me why I was with my sisters. Private detective who knows, sister suddenly a word, angered my wife. “Why, this child is your husband’s, what can you do to me?” “Said the sister boldly. “She said, stroking her big belly and flaunting it. She put her arm around me and wouldn’t let me move. I see wife quick anger crazy, face blue veins exposed, every clearly visible. See wife suddenly kick a sister a foot, the sister immediately backed a few steps, fell in the grass behind. I see this situation, heart a 盈幣寶合約交易平台介紹tight, hurriedly ran to help the sisters, but the sisters painfully clutching their stomach, can not get up. I looked at the legs of the sisters, was out of the blood. “No! I shouted. I let the wife hurriedly dozen first aid telephone, the wife first don’t dial a telephone, a see haemorrhage, frightened. By the time the sisters were sent to the hospital, the unborn child had ceased to exist, and an unborn life was thus snuffed out. Wife dozen sister after abortion, sister pester everyday I want me to give her a share, the husband of the sister all day come to beg money, but this money we can’t afford! The way things are now, instead of coming to my house, he went straight to court and tried to Sue me and put me in jail. Finally, I had to give him 50,000 yuan, which was to put out the trouble of this matter. But a new problem came along. My wife found out about my affair with her sister and wanted to divorce me. What a wave of ups and downs! How to clean u盈幣寶事業結合-集團簡介p this situation!


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