Husband very love mother mother mother mother I should leave with him?

區塊鏈全面入侵,翻轉你生活的7大應用Husband very love mother mother mother mother I should leave with him? I am a doctor, married for five years, the child is four years old, recently the mood is extremely bad, because I finished the person circulation day I found a mailbox, there is an email, to my husband, the beginning is beloved… My husband confessed that he had had an affair. Why did he say he had? Since he had finished his affair for one year, it was calculated that the time of having an affair was from 2011 to 2012. Mother-in-law is due to the late cancer died, died in less than 60 years old, my husband very small, the mother-in-law is very strict to him, the request is very high, remember her mother-in-law had said in her husband’s often because of work at the age of four lock him alone in the home, the husband was very obedient, so my husband very filial piety my mother, partner to 80% after once told a friend like his mother. Say an affair ag獨特的數字指紋--哈希函數(Hash Function)ain that year, that year the pressure of my husband is really very big, mother-in-law is in my home walk, below the assistance of the husband use medicine to finish. The woman that affair is his unit colleague, the husband said her character is very like my mother-in-law, and the age is much bigger than my husband is also her initiative, in the husband mood extreme suppression of time. The husband say this is true love, touch the heart. I asked him why he only maintained the relationship for one year since he was in true love. He said that he chose to return naturally for the sake of both families. However, at the end of the end, he still had an email to talk about children’s education. I am the only child of both, I am a Sagittarius AB blood type. The fact that I’m a perfectionist is a huge blow to my confidence. My husband told me to give him time over, give him time to fall in love with me again, we start again, he 工程師視角:什麼是區塊鏈的 Smart Contract?gave me confidence. But I really do not know should not believe him, the heart of men women really difficult to read. I do not understand the affair is true love why come back to me, since true love why I give him time to fall in love with me! I’m a doctor, and I’ve studied a little psychology. Is his affair an Oedipus complex? Is it the absence of maternal love? Private detective, reply: well, your husband is a good man, although he has a mental affair, but I still think he is a good man, in the thousands of out of the ranks of men, he can do this is really good. He is a son of filial piety, and my mother was very, looking at my mothers endure pain of torture, I was powerless, finally, with the help of my life with drugs, I think just to be a normal person, will be in the long period of time can’t go out, and walk not to come out the rest of my life. I would like to ask you, in your husband’s most sad period of time, 什麼是「隔離見證」?為什麼比特幣要擴容?is to give him several relations, do not often because of the work reason snubbed to his relations? Invite that elder sister to sneak in. There is time man derailed, really can not blame all the obligations of him, do the wife also need to reflect, my husband I understand, he needs what, he lack what, do not want a man must be indomitable, in fact, men have time than women also fragile, they also need women’s understanding and care. Also, both of them are sensible, both of them deeply in love with each other for the sake of their families, just communicating in words. People are thinking animals, sometimes we are unable to stop myself not to do something, wise, but unable to restrain my footsteps, in this situation, we need is a can come out to save my heart. And you are the heart that needs to save him. Don’t think too much, the husband or myself, the daughter or myself, the family or myself, but now the demand is you區塊鏈的分叉是什麼?還分為軟的和硬的?r communication.


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