Four true states of mind when a man has a new lover

大陸包二奶With the development of the society and the change of people’s concept, many men and women stand on the same status, but due to the different social division of labor, many men have the opportunity to have an affair. So what is the psychology of a man having an affair? What are the reasons men have affairs? What do men show when they have affairs? Take a look. With the increasing ‘popularity’ of extramarital affairs, married men’s extramarital affairs have become a ‘phenomenon’. For viewers, they usually hold a mind of indifference or ridicule or ignore, but for women involved in the matter will naturally suffer 100 times. More than 90% of men, after the extramarital affair exposure will abandon mistress home, but, not every man can successfully return, because there are always some women with a perfect idea of love, the husband of the affair kicked. There are also some women who will forgive for the sake of children or their own sacrifice, but will find that the relationship with their husband has changed as the marriage progresses. For this reason, want to say to the man, an affair is absolutely a game of dangerous situation. However, although many people try to persuade married men and women to keep their marriage faithful, the phenomenon of extramarital affairs is becoming more and more serious. So why do men choose to take risks? One, see the young and beau印尼.香港.越南,抓姦tiful opposite sex want to pass possession to verify their charm does not reduce the heart of the United States people all have, especially in the besieged in the shackle old cattle for many years, encounter tender grass, like trying to bite, this is the instinct of the people. But most men are the ones who have the heart but not the guts to look at a beautiful woman on the street because they know there is a tigress hiding in the house. However, not all men can enjoy the ‘henpecked’ treatment, for this reason, those who have a small career success, or by the wife of a long time after trying to rebound is very easy to affair. In particular, they meet a young and beautiful girl, and they try to prove the ‘forty-one flowers for men’ through the conquest of ‘girl’. In fact, in the open era, those ‘wet behind the ears’ girls are really easy to cheat, or a big dinner, or a cheap gift, or even some life care, or a few sweet words, will let the girls down. However, the difference in age is bound to make the ‘teen love uncle phenomenon’ play a frequent blossoming fruitless outcome. Two, great resentment among the marriage makes a man want to through gentle sensible women find balance many married women outside of marriage is not only to control the man’s whereabouts, but also in charge of the man’s money, and with homemade “perfect man” standard high demand to her husba離婚求償nd, in this case, a man of nerve in a tight state for a long time, because can’t have any mistakes, is consumed by the wife ridiculed. However, there is a limit to human tolerance, especially in the face of a woman’s trouble, frequent quarrel, or the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not harmonious, or when a man’s career is not good and his wife is forced, men are easy to produce rebellious emotions, and believe that their marriage is simply a tragedy. In this case, if meet gentle virtuous, knowledgeable, or to their own good woman, will naturally perform extramarital affairs. For this, the woman needs strong in marriage, but do not want strong do extreme, once let a man in the marriage lacked the opportunity to breathe, the man can choose to breathe outside marriage. Especially in the ordinary family, the woman’s ‘usurp power’ is especially obvious, for this, the woman needs to give a slap in the face at the same time to send a sweet date. Three, the numbness that produces between the left hand holds right hand to want to look for stimulation to have a kind of lover to have an affair to come very suddenly, even the woman can say, between my husband and I very conjugal love, get along very harmonious also, do not understand why he can have an affair namely. This phenomenon may be the so-called seven year itch, ten years of numbness. Peop感情破壞le are the group, especially men, as long as a little handsome or more gold, even if he does not provoke the opposite sex, there will be the opposite sex throw arms. The problem, then, is that men don’t usually say no to women who throw themselves at them. It is mainly due to the possessiveness of men and the numbness of holding your hand as if it were your right hand. This kind of man’s attitude towards the extramarital affair is often like this: clear money transaction, especially in the end of the work or the weekend do not need to call him, once affected his normal marriage life, so, the extramarital affair automatically fell apart. Such extramarital affair is relatively concealed, in this process, the man is most afraid of meeting indissoluble scenery still dead pester dozen small 3. Four, the flower heart inherent in the man’s bones got the maximum degree of release after getting drunk ten men nine flowers, for this, the man will produce the idea that the rabbit eats nest edge grass along with the marriage’s progress, especially the wife’s boudoir honey and the female colleague in the work, and even the former schoolmate opposite sex, are likely to become the man’s hunting object. However, the man will be a little scruple: to these people love, only allow success, not failure, otherwise the outcome must be too ugly. Under such circumstances, how do men som感情挽回etimes lay hands on acquaintances: 1) verbal cues; 2) April fool’s day; 3) get drunk. Especially drunk mess this point, the man can almost achieve perfection. If fix and the other party is not disgusted, then the affair will continue from now on; If the response is strong, the next day the man wakes up and apologizes and confesses that he was drunk (in fact, the man wasn’t drunk at all, he was drunk). Married men an affair of the top ten reasons for normal men for three years, seven years, ten years after their marriage, there will always be the idea of a “affairs”, or the active or passive, the so-called “three years of pain”, “the seven year itch” still makes sense, if married ten years out of the rail, basically, men have a chance of so-called affairs, because of an affair of the good time has in the past, the idea of an affair can only relentless was buried by insipid marriage. Why do married men have affairs? The reasons are as follows. One, husband and wife life is not harmonious mencius old gentleman said: food and color also. By sex, I mean that sex is as important as eating. There is an old saying in China: man is iron, and rice is steel. If the couple’s marital life is not harmonious for a long time, then the marriage life is not satisfied and happy. Sometimes men are self-righteous and like to put the blame on women. Blame the wife don’t know to get r設計離婚id of the old and bring forth the new, also blame the wife bad all do a woman’s duty, wrong all in the woman. It’s certainly male chauvinism. Discordant conjugal life both men and women are to blame. Men can’t just solve problems and have fun without exploring the fun. 2, the work pressure is too big modern society bred a lot of “modern disease”, the work pressure is big, life rhythm is intense. It’s easy for a man to bring his work mood with him to the house, only to find himself thinking about work when he goes to bed, not to mention getting a good night’s sleep. And modern female is housewife no longer mostly, because be having his career, ego, self-confidence also is forced by the job acme. They often work hard and are tired when they get home. This is when men and women are most likely to be conflicted and more irritable than usual. Married life can sometimes be a great stress reliever, but many women don’t take advantage of it. Three, just because too lonely most divorced couples are separated because of the two places, there is no normal husband and wife life, because of the work, in order to earn money, in order to support the family, the man is difficult to face the difficulties, regardless of personal danger, and the woman at this time, do not fantasy men keep as jade? Because keep the body such as jade to often have social intercourse in the field of 第三者排除business trip for the man is not realistic, is not conducive to work, of course, is not conducive to unity. The man originally outside work is hard, so eat and drink recreation is also reasonable, if let the man keep body such as jade that would be better than to castrate him directly. Men for the family is not easy, women should understand. Lack of understanding and care most men, because of the social role, so sometimes more reluctant to speak out their pain and pressure, but often buried in the heart, this time, the man more need to understand and care. And the woman also has own family, the home also has a lot of things, have an oversight is unavoidable. And a few trivia of daily life are too much, always attend to one thing and lose another, everyday each other computer, TV, telephone, the life became drab and luxuriant thoroughly. Actually enjoy the life of high quality can, but had better not become the slave of high quality life, suggest young couple often close a shutdown, lead the life that does not plug in electricity, go out to play, return to the age of love again in rise. Five, the wife too efficient modern society’s progress, is to give a woman more opportunities, women are also more and more capable, emerge a batch of and a batch of outstanding representative, the emergence of a strong woman, disrupted the original Chinese time, the tradition of 感情諮商men, and the results of the little man into a big woman, capable woman let a man become accessories, so the man had to do in another woman there to find the feeling of men. So large, as a strong woman women if men really don’t want to let oneself an affair, then it is better to put women in the outside, or sat a young woman in the home, in the hall, the woman of the kitchen to retain a man’s heart, a man is need to develop self-confidence, self-esteem is also need to respect. Under normal circumstances, most of the money earned by men is in the hands of women. The woman thinks in the heart, the money that this earns is to take care of the home originally, master the economic power of the home of course, can master the lifeblood of the man, have no money, see how you go out to fool around. And the man also should fight for his right wisdom one time, at every turn also can leave a bit of private money, had better hide nevertheless conceal a bit, be caught but bad. This problem is very annoying. If there is too much money, there will be more trouble. The woman sees money to see tight do not matter, nevertheless 10 million should notice a degree, hold bad, money is to keep, but the heart of the man runs farther more. Seven, ideology difference between male and female have differences, especially obvious ideological concept, men’s and women’s economic view, the world尋人查址 outlook and outlook on life, often with the passing years after their marriage, the distance gradually, men’s ideas happen earth-shaking changes, while women tend to spin, crawling back. So, a lot of problems. Distance can have, but absolutely cannot pull of too open, otherwise, can let the affection of husband and wife have estrangement and generation gap as time elapse, so the woman that the thought is in place at the same time must try hard to advance with The Times just go. Eight, the influence of external forces close to the red, close to the black, follow colleagues out, you do not do the work after the group, with friends, how also can not leave the “wife strict” reputation, so sometimes forced. How many innocent people can there be? However, not every man will not control themselves, so women should learn to believe, would rather believe that he did not empathize with other love, also must not produce doubt, because the doubt is much, but will stimulate the man out to study bad heart. Nine, working dinner party need men leave the meal, entertainment indispensable work eat and drink, neon, sometimes also want to do something false heart, of course, also have their own circle of friends, in order to work, in order to get each other’s trust, to do some shady, so man is a very strange animal, sometimes really is no way to turn a blind eye, because too much 尋親will hurt yourself.


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